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At Pike’s Rentals, our speciality is carry a variety of tools that our clients can use. From air compressors to ladders to pressure washers to construction tools, our vast supply of equipment allows us to cater to any project, large or small and supply them with what they need to get the job done. Our constantly expanding repertoire lets us stay up to date on the latest innovations of technology so that when our tools are in your hands, they are always up to the task.

So the question you may be asking is, why rent?

What is the benefit of renting over purchasing? When it comes to equipment that’s needed for a short term or seasonal project, it often costs far less to simply use tool rentals. If you purchase a tool, you have to not only cover the initial cost of the tool, but you’ll also have to shell out for maintenance. If it’s a tool that you don’t see having constant use in the future, you have to either keep up with maintenance for no reason leave the tool in the shed where it will come out next Spring worn down and rusted.

Since the cost of maintenance is in addition to the cost of the tool itself, the overall cost can be unpredictable. When you rent a tool, you instead of a single accountable cost figure, which is the rental fee. There are no additional charges, so you can be more precise with your budget.

At our shop, we’ll take care of all the maintenance a tool requires. Since we’re constantly renting out our equipment for use every day, we take care of the day-to-day care so it’s always ready for use. In addition, since our business revolves around providing equipment, you never need to worry about using equipment that’s obsolete. Our inventory involves some of the latest types models of equipment to ensure we’re always competitive in the market.

Pike’s Rentals brings its rental services to Vancouver and the surrounding areas.