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Hardwood floors have a lot of advantages, they are easy to clean, low maintenance, provide better air quality and they’re versatile.

However one of the biggest advantages is that hardwood floors are easy to refinish instead of replacing, and it’s easy enough to do this yourself.

Here’s some tips for the perfect finished floor!

Prepare the Room
The 1st step is to prepare the room and remove everything. Remove all furniture so the floor is completely clear. Also cover all doorways, lights and windows with plastic.

Use Proper Equipment
Before you start make sure you have the right safety equipment such as face masks, ear plugs, eye protection and gloves.
You also need to make sure you have the correct equipment. Speak to Pikes Rentals about what equipment will suit your project.

Keep a Clean Work Area
With any project it’s always a good idea to clean as you go. Sanding and polishing floors will cause excess sawdust; make sure you thoroughly sweep and vacuum your floor before you move onto the next grit. Granules that get left behind could cause scrapes or gashes.

Stain Application
If you plan on staining your floor make sure the floor is clean and free from excess dust.
Ensure you are staining your floor eventually and rubbing off the excess with a rag.
Once you’ve stained the floor allow it to fully dry before moving all your furniture back in.

Unsure about the process of finishing and staining floors? Pikes Rental will be able to help with all your questions.