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Whether your jobsite is large or small you will need electricity to power tools, fans, lights and other equipment. This is when generators are great as they can provide a temporary supply of power

Choosing the right generator:
The first step is to consider how big you need the generator to be and also how portable you need it to be. Even a “portable” generator can be hard to maneuver if it is very heavy. Consider whether you need the generator to be on wheels for extra portability.

Estimate your power needs before you shop for the best generator. How much power do you need? This isn’t necessarily based on the size of the jobsite, but more on the quantity and power requirements of the equipment you will be running. Look for a label on each appliance that you want to power during an electrical outage. Add up the watts to determine the generator size you need. Rather than powering the whole site with one large generator, another option is to equip individual crews with smaller generators, which they can move around easily depending on the task at hand.

One of the most useful aspects of renting a generator is that you can rent generators of different sizes with the right output and the right rating for a specific job.
The staff at Pikes Rentals will be able to answer any questions you have regarding generators.