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So you’ve taken a good look around your yard, and you’ve noticed that your hedges are overgrown. They’re blocking the pathway to your front door, and you want them gone. You look in your shed and realize that all the tools that you’ve used in the past are old and rusted from the long Winter. They won’t be of much use but you don’t want to spend more money on a set of hedge clippers that you’ll put right back in the shed once you’re done. The next time you’ll pull it out is many months or even a year later. You won’t have put the right milage out of the usage of the tool to make it worth it.

Does that situation sound familiar?

At Pike’s Rentals, we understand completely. Specialized tools are expensive, but unless you are a craftsman that requires their usage constantly, it can be be hard to find situations to use a specialized tool enough to make swallowing the cost of it worth it. That’s why at our store, we specialize in rentals and providing the right tools to our customers when they need it. Our vast inventory consists of equipment needed to perform any task. Find lawn and garden equipment, construction tools, metalworking equipment, pressure washers, generators, and more in our stock.

We work to maintain the quality of our tools so that it is always in perfect condition when it is handed to you, and since we rent equipment out constantly, the tool never goes to waste. Once the tool comes back to us, we will handle the work of maintenance so that when it is rented out again, it is in just as good condition as it was the very first time it was used.

Pike’s Rentals is located in Richmond and brings rental services across the Lower Mainland.