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When it comes to high quality tools, one of the best ways to obtaining and ensuring that you have the proper tools that are well-maintained and of current standards is renting them. Equipment rental is an industry that thrives on keeping up with the times. Not everyone can afford to keep tools lying around that they don’t use everyday, which is where tool rentals come in. At Pike’s Rentals, we thrive on owning the most modern tools, equipment, and items that we rotate out to users to who need a specific tool for a specific, infrequent job. That way, we can ensure that tools are always being used, that they are never put to waste, and you can spend only on what you need the tool for: that specific job.

Think to yourself, do you really need a welder lying around if you’re not a welder? For jobs that are infrequent, tool rentals are the ideal way of procuring the tools you need, since it’s a waste to spend on something you won’t be using regularly. While that is the main reason, there are other reasons that you may not have considered. As time moves forward, industries begin to release more advanced models of their equipment, meaning that if you own a tool that is used only infrequently, chances are, it will become out of date quickly, so that when you actually have to use it, it won’t be of modern standards and will underperform. The other reason is equipment maintenance. To ensure that your tool performs properly, regular maintenance is required, but it’s a waste of time to continually maintain a tool you may pull out only a few times a year. Tool rental solves all these problems. Our business revolves around keeping the best tools around. We handle maintenance when our tools aren’t rented out, and since many people can use a tool, it’s never put to waste just lying around one person’s garage, waiting for the day it will be used.

For quality tools, look to Pike’s Rentals. Offering quality equipment rentals from Richmond, we bring our services to those across the Lower Mainland.