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Wallpaper has been around for hundreds of years making dull walls and rooms look brighter and more inviting. However, even the most loved wallpaper has its time and there are plenty of reasons why people remove wallpaper. Styles and trends change over the years, as does your personal taste. Wallpaper is also prone to ripping and fading over time.

Wallpaper removal can seem like a daunting task however it is very straight forward if you have the right tools.

Here’s some tips for how to remove wallpaper.

Check the existing wallpaper:
The first step is to check the current wallpaper and see what kind you have and if there’s any other layers underneath it. Lifting a small part in a corner will allow you to check this and give you a better estimate of how much time and what type of tools you need for this project.

Tools and supplies you’ll need:
-Trash bag, trash can, or trash cart
-Wallpaper scraper
-Spray bottle
-Box knife
-Wallpaper steamer, if using
-Goggles and gloves (optional)

Choose your removal method:
Your removal method will largely depend on the wallpaper’s original installation method. Some methods include:

Water: Hot water is an inexpensive and effective way of removing most types of wallpaper as it softens the adhesive and makes the paper easy to remove. This method will not work on vinyl however.
Steam: A wallpaper steamer can make short work of any project and can be used on any type of wallpaper; it’s also especially helpful for multiple layers of wallpaper.
Chemical Wallpaper Stripper: Much like water, this method is applied directly to the wallpaper. Chemicals break down the adhesives holding the wallpaper to the wall.

Prepare the room:
Before you start the removal process make sure you remove all pictures and nails from the walls. Also move all furniture to the centre of the room, giving yourself plenty of space to work.

Start removing the wallpaper:
If using water or chemical removers, apply to walls in sections using spray bottle or brushes and let it soak for a few minutes. With a wallpaper scraper work from top to bottom and slowly remove sections.

If you are able to strip the wallpaper, grab the corner and slowly pull from top to bottom. Repeat this around the room and use warm water for any sections that may stick to the wall.

If your using a steamer set up the machine following the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the steaming pad onto the wallpaper for 20-30 seconds before using a scraper to remove the sessions.

Finish the removal by wiping down the walls with a wet sponge and letting them dry for a few days. A fan can keep air circulating and reduce the drying time.