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Did you know that some simple design features can make a big difference in both the comfort and and energy efficiency of your home?

Here’s some ideas to consider when building or remodelling your home to make it more energy efficient!

Home Placement – The placement of your home in relation to the sun and other surroundings can make a difference in your heating and cooling. Do you want to enjoy the Winter sun but don’t want your home overheating in Summer? If you are in the design stage of building a new home, take a cue from passive solar home design to position your house to achieve natural energy efficiency.
If you are wanting to redesign or remodel your home consider planting some trees which will create shade in Summer.

Windows and Doors – Make sure you have your window and doors properly installed. You can control window and door heat loss and gain by selecting quality energy efficient window and door products, carefully locating them, and properly installing them.

Insulation – Insulation is like a thermos, it keeps your home warm and also help cool our home down. However gaps in the installation can mean that air can flow in or out of your home. Insulation is one of the quickest energy efficient projects you can do.

Heating and Cooling – Utility bills are the among the highest costs within the household and as soon as winter hits your bill can skyrocket due to heating. Investing in a A high-quality, efficient system that is properly installed and properly maintained can provide years of comfort for your home.